Getting Started As A Pro

13 October 2009


Victor Tan asks: how does one begin a career as a professional photographer, and what does it take to be successful in this industry?

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syed rozlan syed mohamad ridzuan posted the following on 27th November 2009 00:35:58

awesome advice and wisdom.very glad to hear more from a master like you.thank you.

Jayson Kingsbeer posted the following on 24th October 2009 15:46:41

Fantastic advice! I have learnt a lot from working as an assistant! Even though it was a very, very long day which included running km's over town to find a replacement tripod, taking drinks and getting batterys for the photographer the valuable experience I took away from that shoot I will keep for life and has already aided myself and my photography!

Michael lawrence Go posted the following on 23rd October 2009 18:58:42

That is a great tip! Entrusting with a small task so that we can be entrusted with a big task!

Harjit Dhaliwal posted the following on 23rd October 2009 00:34:47

Thanks for laying out the core foundations on how one should start their photography career/business.

I would have loved to hear your story on how you got started and how you got to where you are today.