Saying "Thank You"

6 October 2009

Lite Channel

Find out why writing simple "Thank You" notes adds tremendous value to your personal and professional life.

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Julian Wong posted the following on 2009-10-22 13:41:45

cant agree more on this :)

Margaret Vun posted the following on 2009-10-22 21:35:58

Very true, I still remember the thank you note you gave me in January this year, very encouraged by it.

jacky leong posted the following on 2009-10-23 00:03:56

very true, but louis, why are you sweating :)

Harjit Dhaliwal posted the following on 2009-10-23 00:32:23

I knew Thank yous were important, but never saw it from a photographer's perspective. Thank you Louis for bringing this to my attention! Thank you for being a friend and mentor to me.

Louis Pang posted the following on 2009-10-23 01:06:05

Jacky: Because I was nervous in front of the camera!

Jayson Kingsbeer posted the following on 2009-10-24 15:42:27

This is too true! Due to my young age I required help often have had help from lots of amazing photographers from around the world including the amazing Louis Pang!!
What has really aided me with my photography is that I have started my photography business as Social Media was taking off and I can interact and get help and advice with so many more photographers from around the world, If I was not using social media we really do not have many experienced photographers in Gisborne who like what subjects I like and can give me advice.
Thank you so very much Louis and everyone else who has aided me with my photography journey, I am really grateful!
I really had no idea of writing personal, hand written thank you notes but I think that is a lovely gesture and I will definitely be doing this at some stage!

Thank you Louis for this amazing video and site!
Jayson :-)