Frequently Asked Questions


How much does a premium subscription cost?

For a limited time only, you can sign up for a premium subscription at the introductory price of MYR 700.00 (approximately USD 200.00) for one year. The regular subscription price is MYR 875.00 (approximately USD 250.00). Sign up now!.


Can I pay monthly?

At the moment, subscription is available only on a yearly basis.


What is MYR? Why do you USD alongside MYR prices on the website?

MYR stands for Malaysian Ringgit. The price of subscriptions, workshops, seminars, and third party products provided by WedShooter.TV (including online payment transactions) are conducted in Malaysian Ringgit.

We list an approximate price in US dollars (USD) to give international viewers a frame of reference. This approximation in USD is subject to change without prior notice, based on current foreign exchange rates.


How many videos will I get to watch?

Your subscription covers 12 episodes on all 5 channels. This means you will get to watch a total of at least 60 videos throughout the duration of your subscription.


How often do you update episodes?

New episodes will be updated on all five channels by the 25th of every month. That's 5 new videos every month folks!


If I sign up during Episode 6, will I be able to watch the older episodes?

If you sign up at Episode 6, your membership will allow you to watch Episodes 6 to 17 (12 episodes). There is an additional fee to watch past (back-dated) episodes in the archive.


Why can't I download the videos from the site?

Our videos are meant for viewing on the WedShooter.TV site only. We want to provide our subscribers with exclusive content, and this means disallowing downloading and sharing of videos outside of WedShooter.TV.


I want to sign up for a workshop. Do I need to be a premium subscriber?

No, you do not have to be a premium subscriber to register for workshops or seminars. However, premium subscribers will be given priority, and are eligible for special offers, discounts and freebies (when available). Sign up for a premium subscription today.


I have questions regarding my bill?

Please write to and let us know your questions.


I can't get the videos to play.

Please write to (we'll back to you in 1 business day).


I want to cancel my subscription, will I get a refund?

Do consider your purchase carefully before committing to a premium subscription, as there will be no refund once payment is accepted.


I forgot my password.

Please click on the Forgot your password? link on the home page (below Username), and follow the instructions to reset your password.


How do I unsubscribe from your newsletters?

Please send an email to, and we will immediately remove you from our mailing list.

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