We are LIVE!!!

WedShooter.TV is LIVE now. We are stoked with the number of subscriptions coming in. Thanks for your love, support and feedback.

Our entire tech and communication team are monitoring the launch closely. I was glued to my chair and laptop, reading & writing tweets. Just wanna make sure everyone has a good time checking out the site. Unsurprisingly, we had a couple of teething issues. First of all, Internet Explorer (both in XP & Vista) has playback issues with our site. So we recommend that you use Firefox, Safari or Chrome for optimum viewing experience. Engineers at Integricity who built our website are working hard to resolve the issue. We apologize for the inconvenience & appreciate your understanding.

Secondly some viewers reported that “Shoot of The Month” video got stuck at 29 seconds. We are investigating the cause. Other than that, we have been receiving lots of encouragement and good reports. If you like what you’ve seen, please pass the URL to your friends.

And yes, please keep your comments coming. We want to know how we can serve your needs even better.

UPDATE 6:30pm, Oct 22: Issues in playing “Shoot of The Month” resolved.

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  1. Rui Di posted the following on October 23, 2009 at 8:27 am.

    is it down for a moment? i was browsing just 10 min ago and i couldn’t go in now.

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