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See You at WPPI 2010!

Friday, October 2nd, 2009

I attended my first WPPI annual convention in 2007.  As a rookie wedding photographer, I was truly inspired in the sessions by YervantJoe Buissink. Inspiration is a powerful thing - it’s like those little sparks that create raging fires.

I got inspired, and was I on fire! Within three and a half years I have photographed in 14 countries across 4 continents, winning 6 WPPI awards along the way. I have the privilege of imparting my experience and skills through workshops and seminars in six different countries… and I am within days of launching WedShooter.TV, the first education portal produced in Asia for wedding photographers worldwide.

So when I got an email from WPPI that I was confirmed as one of their speakers at WPPI 2010, I almost fell off my chair! I was jumping up and down, hugging my wife and ended up messing up her hair & make up. To be speak on the 30th anniversary of this amazing international body makes it even more exciting.

Opening the September issue of the Rangefinder Magazine (published by WPPI), I see my name next to the likes of Marcus Bell, Jerry Ghionis, Jim Garner, Yervant and a line up of illustrious photographers from all over the world. This is just so unbelievable. I pinched and double pinched myself. This is really happening! This is also very humbling experience for me. Who would have thought that, as a rookie wedding photographer in 2007, I would be doing these things? Certainly not me!

This is my hope:  just as Joe and Yervant sowed the seeds of confidence, vision and imagination in me in 2007, I want to do the same to everyone attending my platform class in March 2010 at Las Vegas. I am truly blessed… and I want to bless others. If you are heading to WPPI 2010, I’ll see you then!