Launch Special Extended!

Thank you for the overwhelming support on our launch! In return, we are happy to announce all Premium Subscribers will receive a copy of the World Tour DVD free of charge until November 24, 2009 (just add a small payment for shipping). Yes, we have extended this incredible offer in appreciation of your support.

If you are have a free trial account, upgrade to a Premium Subscription before Nov 24 and enjoy the same deal. Haven’t watched our videos yet? Why wait? Get a free trial account and get inspired right away!

We have gone live for two weeks; much of that time has been spent testing, following up on feedback and making sure everything is working the way it should. Things are picking up steadily from now on with Episode Two coming up later this month, Joe McNally’s workshops and seminar registration opening by next week, and a ton of other things planned out for this blog. Things are getting pretty exciting here so stay tuned and enjoy the show!


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