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What an overwhelming response
! The Hot Shoe Diaries is literally HOT - all 75 seats were snapped up in just under a week. If you missed the chance to sign up for Joe McNally’s workshop in Kuala Lumpur next year, fear not - there is still hope yet! Join the waitlist and be notified in case a space becomes available (e.g. somebody decides to cancel).

Join The Waitlist for Hot Shoe Diaries Workshop
Send us your Name and Phone Number to workshops@wedshooter.tv and we’ll put you on the workshop waitlist. In the event a spot on the workshop becomes available, we’ll contact you right away. The list is on a first-come first-served basis, so send us your request now.

FAQ on Joe McNally’s Workshops and Seminar

1. Joe uses Nikon exclusively. Wouldn’t this be a disadvantage to Canon users when it comes to learning about lighting from him?
Joe’s workshops have always had a diverse group of Canon and Nikon camera users. Regardless of their camera of choice, participants have always gone home inspired, challenged and enlightened. You can expect the same from Hot Shoe Diaries Intensive Workshop with Joe in Kuala Lumpur.

The reason for this? Light is light. The huge portion of the discussion will center on the management of light, regardless of the source. To the degree buttons and dials are discussed, there will be assistants who are familiar with the Canon system who can assist in sorting out the user interface and process of operation. It doesn’t matter if you are using Nikon, Canon, Elinchrom or just plain tungsten lights. Joe will walk you through step-by-step on how to construct a shot. Like a sculptor, you will learn how to shape, craft, and mould lights to express your vision.

Having said that, each brand and model of flash operates differently, so we do advise you to bring your flash (and camera) operating manual as well, just in case we run into a tricky issue. :)

2. What is the difference between Hot Shoe Diaries intensive workshop and Let There be Light seminar?

Hot Shoe Diaries
The Hot Shoe workshops are all day intensive, hands on workshops devoted to a small number of participants. With multiple models available, each person will have a chance to work directly with the models, and generate their own work. Each workshop comprises of 15 participants only, so you can expect an up close and personal learning experience with Joe. However, do note that this is going to be an intense learning experience as you will be stretched technically and artistically.

Let There Be Light
In the Let There be Light seminar, Joe will be working his magic in a much larger event than the workshops. The atmosphere is going to be electric, as there is never a dull moment when Joe speaks.  McNally is also a seasoned veteran when it comes to working in front of large crowds. At Kelby Training seminars which averaged 700 to 1,000 people, most of the feedback on Joe’s presentations is that it really felt like a small, hands-on seminar. Do note that the seminar is a larger event, so you will not be working with the models as in the Hot Shoe workshop. You are however welcome to bring a camera, but further equipment will not be necessary.

Already signed up for a workshop?
The bulk of Joe’s lecture, demonstration and presentation will be new, even to the Hot Shoe Diaries participants. Joe is a veteran of photographer of 37 years, there are plenty of invaluable experience and insights that we can glean from him. The seminar will also feature Louis Pang with a two-hour presentation on guerilla lighting techniques. These are lighting techniques he uses in real high pressure wedding shoots. Louis is a seven-time Wedding & Portrait Photographer International (WPPI) award-winner and the sole Asia-based photographer speaking at the prestigious WPPI annual convention in USA, March 2010.

3. What kind of equipment does the workshop provide? And what should I bring?
We will provide backdrops, light stands, soft boxes, various light modifiers and lighting gels. There will be models assigned for each workshop as well. Also, please bring the usual gear that you use for a shoot. Redundancy is always a good policy because you’ll never know what you’ll need. Lunch will be provided. There is also free flow of coffee and tea throughout the day.

4. Can I register a slot and pay the fees later?
The system works on a first come, first served basis. Seat allocations are made and confirmed only when payment is successful.

5. How do I know that the payment is successful?
When your payment goes through, you will receive a confirmation email with the event title, date and registration reference number. A seat is allocated to you ONLY when the payment is successful.

6. How can I get the registration slip or receipt?
At the end of the registration process, you will receive a confirmation email with the event title, date and registration reference number. Kindly print and bring this email to the workshop or seminar. In case you lose the confirmation email, don’t worry. You can retrieve it from WedShooter.TV via member’s login. Each participant is given a complimentary trial account with a username name and password. To view your transaction history, login with your username and password and click on “Edit Profile”. Once you’re there, there should be a “Payment History” button where it will enable you to reprint the receipt as proof of purchase. Please bring the registration slip when you attend the event.

7. What do I do if the payment is unsuccessful?
You will receive an email that payment was unsuccessful. Kindly contact our billing department at billing@wedshooter.tv or call (+6)03 7725 2500. Integricity Payments handles our online merchant account and they will be able to advise you on the next course of action.

8. I think I may have accidentally made double payments. HELP!!!
Kindly contact our billing department at billing@wedshooter.tv or call (+6)03 7725 2500. Integricity Payments handles our online merchant account and they will be able to advise you on the next course of action.

9. Cancellation & Refund Policy
If you are not able to attend the workshop/seminar, kindly contact our billing department at billing@wedshooter.tv or call (+6)03 7725 2500. For cancellations made at least 30 days prior to the workshop/seminar date, we will refund 70% of the amount you paid at sign up. Cancellations made 29 days (or less) prior to the workshop/seminar will not be eligible for refunds. Workshop and seminar registration is not transferrable. Please print and bring along the confirmation email (with the event title, date and registration reference number) to the workshop/seminar. Should you need to retrieve your copy from the WedShooter.TV side, please refer to FAQ #6.

Joe McNally in Kuala Lumpur, 2010

It’s finally out! Joe McNally’s workshops and seminar in KL 2010 is now officially announced. Registration opens on Monday, November 16, 2009 at 12:00 noon (+ 8:00 GMT). However registration is already open to Premium Subscribers on November 13 - that’s a full 72 hours head start!

National Geographic photographer, author of Amazon.com bestsellers “The Moment It Clicks” & “Hot Shoe Diaries”, strobing and photography extraordinaire Joe McNally will be holding several workshops and a one-day seminar in Kuala Lumpur from 1- 6 February 2010. WedShooter.TV is proud to be the organizer of Joe’s first extensive teaching tour in Asia. You will find out, as I had taking Joe’s 5-day workshop in the US, that Joe is an amazing photographer and an even more amazing human being. His passion, down-to-earth approach and love for teaching will propel you, no matter what level you are in, to go further.

Hot Shoe Diaries (one-day intensive lighting workshop) by Joe McNally
Joe McNally is hosting five one-day lighting workshops in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Focusing primarily on small flashes, Joe will demonstrate how you can achieve big results with small lights. While emphasizing on how to “write” with light and how it shapes the mood, color, and feel of the photograph, Joe will start with the basics of one strobe and built into using multiple lights.

Let There Be Light (one-day lighting seminar) by Joe McNally, featuring Louis Pang
A must-not-miss lighting seminar! Catch Joe McNally in Kuala Lumpur as he unmasks the secrets of lighting. From single light to elaborate multiple light setups, Joe will empower you to take your strobing techniques to the next level. Also featuring quick guerilla lighting techniques by Louis Pang. For one day only, East meets West as every strobing secret is laid bare right before your very eyes.

More Information on Joe McNally’s Workshops and Seminar