Hanging Out with the Greats

Huy Nguyen is the WPJA Photographer of 2005 & American Photo’s “top 10 wedding photographers” in 2009 but he is one of the most down to earth persons I know. Unassuming, kind and insightful is how I would describe him. We had a very good chat and a nice Vietnamese dinner. Thank you, Huy, for the invitation to the Foundation Workshop Forum.

Cliff is just as friendly when we caught up with him in New Jersey. “Relax Louis, you are sweating!” Although I was the one asking all the questions, I was nervous talking to great photographers like Cliff & Huy. “Some people think that we [renown photographers] are some superstars. Don’t believe in that crap!” said Cliff. He insisted that he was just like everyone else. He worked hard to pay his bank on time & cracked his head for the next amazing shot.

It is refreshing to see how grounded these guys are. They are ordinary guys doing extraordinary stuff.

Here are some pictures we had with Huy. I am sorry but we were so pressed for time, I didn’t even managed to a single shot with Cliff.

Huy NguYen, WPJA photographer of 2005, American Photo Magazine's
Guess what is Huy’s favourite drink?

Huy NguYen, WPJA photographer of 2005, American Photo Magazine's
He loved it so much that he gave me a couple bottles more.

A Line Up of World Class Photographers

We have expanded the impressive line up of world class photographers that we are featuring on “Meet the Pros”. In the last 3 months, we’ve spoken to Yervant & Anie, Mike Larson, CM Leung, Lito Sy, Charlie Lim & Zhang JingNa.

In the next two weeks, we’ll be talking to Cliff Mautner, who was named by American Photo as “one of top 10 wedding photographers in the world”. Cliff is also the WPPI Grand Award Winner of Photojournalism in 2009. Then we’ll head south to Dallas to talk to WPJA Photographer of the Year 2005, Huy NguYen. We’ll round off our whirlwind tour of the US at Santa Fe with Reid Callahan, the founder of the Santa Fe Photographic Workshop. The Workshop is the ultimate retreat & treat for any photographers. I was here in March and I fell in love with the place and people.

We are going far and wide to bring you inspiration. We hope you’ll be blessed!