Creating Time Lapse Movie with Your DSLR

Do you know that you can create a time lapse movie using your DSLR? Well, not with a DSLR entirely because you’ll still need a video editing software. A lot of DSLRs are equipped with interval shooting which means you can set your camera to record an image at a pre-determined interval.

Video is a sequence of still images playing at 25 frames per second. So a 10 second video is made up of 250 still images. If you pool 250 still images from the same spot (without moving the camera one bit), then you can create a 10-second time lapse movie. Time lapse movies are fun to make because you can record the movement or changes of light of a scene. Here is one that we made at Brunei’s renown Sultan Omar Ali Saifuddin Mosque. Enjoy & good luck making your own time lapse movie!