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WedShooter.TV is LIVE now. We are stoked with the number of subscriptions coming in. Thanks for your love, support and feedback.

Our entire tech and communication team are monitoring the launch closely. I was glued to my chair and laptop, reading & writing tweets. Just wanna make sure everyone has a good time checking out the site. Unsurprisingly, we had a couple of teething issues. First of all, Internet Explorer (both in XP & Vista) has playback issues with our site. So we recommend that you use Firefox, Safari or Chrome for optimum viewing experience. Engineers at Integricity who built our website are working hard to resolve the issue. We apologize for the inconvenience & appreciate your understanding.

Secondly some viewers reported that “Shoot of The Month” video got stuck at 29 seconds. We are investigating the cause. Other than that, we have been receiving lots of encouragement and good reports. If you like what you’ve seen, please pass the URL to your friends.

And yes, please keep your comments coming. We want to know how we can serve your needs even better.

UPDATE 6:30pm, Oct 22: Issues in playing “Shoot of The Month” resolved.

See You at WPPI 2010!

I attended my first WPPI annual convention in 2007.  As a rookie wedding photographer, I was truly inspired in the sessions by YervantJoe Buissink. Inspiration is a powerful thing - it’s like those little sparks that create raging fires.

I got inspired, and was I on fire! Within three and a half years I have photographed in 14 countries across 4 continents, winning 6 WPPI awards along the way. I have the privilege of imparting my experience and skills through workshops and seminars in six different countries… and I am within days of launching WedShooter.TV, the first education portal produced in Asia for wedding photographers worldwide.

So when I got an email from WPPI that I was confirmed as one of their speakers at WPPI 2010, I almost fell off my chair! I was jumping up and down, hugging my wife and ended up messing up her hair & make up. To be speak on the 30th anniversary of this amazing international body makes it even more exciting.

Opening the September issue of the Rangefinder Magazine (published by WPPI), I see my name next to the likes of Marcus Bell, Jerry Ghionis, Jim Garner, Yervant and a line up of illustrious photographers from all over the world. This is just so unbelievable. I pinched and double pinched myself. This is really happening! This is also very humbling experience for me. Who would have thought that, as a rookie wedding photographer in 2007, I would be doing these things? Certainly not me!

This is my hope:  just as Joe and Yervant sowed the seeds of confidence, vision and imagination in me in 2007, I want to do the same to everyone attending my platform class in March 2010 at Las Vegas. I am truly blessed… and I want to bless others. If you are heading to WPPI 2010, I’ll see you then!

Food for the Soul

Photographers need food on the table and food for the soul. I believe that most photographers got into the photography business at the first place purely because of passion. A survey was done on 1500 people. Eighty three percent of them chose their career for the money they thought they could earn. The remainder seventeen percent or 255 people chose what they love doing. Five years later 101 of these 1500 people became millionaires. A hundred of these new millionaires were people who chose their career path based on their passion.

Passion was what brought me into photography. Falling in love is easy. Staying in love is the tough part. So how do I stay in love with photography? I am challenging myself to do 1 to 2 personal shoots per month. These are shoots that I carry out purely to satisfy my needs as an artist: to innovate, experiment & push the boundaries. I also challenge myself to come up with something new each shoot…something I had never done before, even when I return to the same location. Experimenting with new equipment & techniques also stretches my imagination. Once in a while, I will force myself to use a lens that I rarely touch, buy a new light modifier, or shoot in totally new venues.

Yesterday, I had the privilege to do a fashion shoot for Pretty in White’s upcoming new collection of gown designs. Big thanks to Lee Kuen and her team for their amazing make-up skills. Celest provided the outstanding styling. We spent close to 12 hours to complete the shoot…but time flies when we do what we love doing. Here are two images that I am truly proud of.

Do You Know What We Did This Summer?

This has been a crazy summer. From July to September, I am only in the office for about two weeks. Well, it wasn’t holiday at all…just a lot of traveling, filming, shooting, taking & teaching workshops…hence the irregular blog updates.

I’ve been taught that it is better to give than to receive. What better way to kick start WedShooter.TV than volunteering our time and talents for Santa Fe Photographic Workshop? The people behind the Workshop are truly remarkable, warm and giving. Each time I go to the Workshop it recharges my creative soul. So I want to do something to give back. The WedShooter.TV team spent 11 days filming in Santa Fe to produce a couple of videos for the Workshop to show the world how amazing this place is for photographers.

Choon Ean led the filming while Jasmine assisted. I joined the production team after I completed a one-week workshop with Joe McNally. Boy, we had FUN. We worked in all sorts of location: idyllic, rugged, breathtaking…you name it, we have it. Just some pictures to relive this amazing journey.

Santa Fe Photographic Workshop
The workshop put us up at this beautiful adobe. We love it!

Santa Fe Photographic Workshop
Water. Drink lots of water and regularly. Must do this to survive at 7000 feet above sea level.

Santa Fe Photographic Workshop
Jasmine mans the our little Sony HD camera.

Santa Fe Photographic Workshop
The WedShooter.TV crew with Joe McNally!

Santa Fe Photographic Workshop
We made use of every available body…here we roped in Deb the marketing director of the Workshop for the reflector

Santa Fe Photographic Workshop
I would love to see a tornado but this ain’t it. Just a big storm gathering.

Santa Fe Photographic Workshop
One of the many amazing ranches in this area…it was used as a film set. We had the time of our lives filming here

Santa Fe Photographic Workshop
Choon Ean loved the cards in her hand.

Santa Fe Photographic Workshop
Isn’t this an amazing location!

Santa Fe Photographic Workshop
Doing a timelapse

Santa Fe Photographic Workshop
Little house on the prairie?

Santa Fe Photographic Workshop
The crew once again

Santa Fe Photographic Workshop
The Marlboro man…a great talent that was hired by the workshop for a portrait class

40,000km for Inspiration

That is the distance we would have traveled by the end of our month-long trip in the US to bring you inspiration from some of the very best wedding photographers in the world. We’d already filmed two great interviews with Cliff Mautner in New Jersey & Huy NguYen in Dallas–both named the “Top 10 Wedding Photographers” by American Photo Magazine.

Cliff & Huy were kind, generous and a bit surprised by our determination. We literally traveled half the way around the world to meet them. Nothing in my life prepared me for the drive from Long Island to New Jersey. After we got through the severe congestion and missed turns, we had spent close to 7 hours on the road. It was stressful but well worth the precious 2 hours that Cliff spent with us. We wrapped up the shoot by 4pm and we left immediately to avoid the peak hour traffic in Manhattan.

The journey to Dallas was more straight forward but tiring. Caught a 7am flight to Dallas via Atlanta. We got to hotel at 3:20pm and headed straight to F8 Studio. We were knackered but very happy with the interview.

When I penned “Meet the Pros” as a monthly program on WedShooter.TV, I knew it would inspire many photographers. I also knew getting in touch with so many wonderful people would change me. Spending time with Cliff & Huy had changed me and given me a new perspective and respect for wedding photojournalism. Thank you guys!

To all the viewers out there, you will be blown away by Cliff & Huy.